The Digital Transformation Solution for Service and After-Sales in Mechanical Engineering

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These companies rely on EquipmentCloud®

EquipmentCloud® is our agile digital transformation solution for service and after-sales in medium-sized mechanical engineering companies. With it you optimize your processes, store information in one place and develop new data-based business models.The interactive modules allow you to digitize and scale your range of services flexibly. In this way, you can successfully transform your digital service from cost centre to profit centre and make your company future-proof.

EquipmentCloud® – Your benefits

  • Guided onboarding process and tailored customer success management to establish your successful digital service portfolio in just 3 months
  • Interactive modules to meet your requirements with maximum flexibility
  • Increased efficiency of every single employee thanks to individual dashboards
  • Security for your data-based services from the individual machines to the cloud
  • Communication in your customers’ local language for service without borders
  • Recognizable customer experience flexibly tailored to your corporate identity

Proven added value for stakeholders in mechanical engineering

  • Proven digital transformation solution that allows you to get started right away
  • Optimize the use of your skilled workers by reducing unnecessary travel and making work processes more efficient
  • Increase competitiveness and revenue potential with data-based services  
  • Improved customer retention with services and touchpoints along the entire machine life cycle   
Service, after-sales and support
  • Continuous monitoring of your machines and components
  • Integrated remote service solution for remote maintenance
  • Expand your service business along the entire machine life cycle
  • Information relevant to machines can be accessed on a mobile device at any time in the service and customer portal
  • Early notification of downtimes and upcoming maintenance
  • Always keep an eye on machine figures and react immediately

Application scenarios with EquipmentCloud®

  • Woman uses customer portal on tablet

    As a service and customer portal, EquipmentCloud® is the central interface and collaboration platform for machine manufacturers and operators.

  • Worker operates computer in factory

    With EquipmentCloud®, you can monitor and analyse the performance of machinery around the world in no time at all. 

  • Two men look at a tablet in a warehouse.

    Plan and carry out complex and recurring commissioning processes efficiently with EquipmentCloud®.

  • Man exchanges spare part

    With EquipmentCloud®, predictive maintenance and repair has never been easier— from planning through implementation to documentation.

  • A man sits at a desk with several monitors.

    EquipmentCloud® helps you manage and securely update your IoT device fleets worldwide.

Configurable modules to efficiently scale your use case

EquipmentHub – Machine configuration and master data management
  • Components
  • Conditional and interactive master data
  • Contact management 
  • Journal with templates

Your added value

  • Guided configuration 
  • Working efficiently      
  • Data synchronization with third-party systems
eDocs – Digital management of project, machine and plant documents
  • Support for various file formats
  • Global sharing and assignment to machines, types, and hierarchies 
  • Quick access and download of files

Your added value

  • User-specific access to documents
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Multi-user capable
OpenIssues – Open task list and smart ticket system
  • Support for various file formats
  • Global sharing and assignment to machines, types, and hierarchies 
  • Quick access and download of files

Your added value

  • User-specific access to documents
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Multi-user capable
Maintenance – Maintenance calendar with checklists
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance and repair based on machine data
  • Preparation of maintenance schedules based on checklists 
  • Carrying out planned maintenance and ad hoc repairs
  • Illustrated instructions
  • Subscription feature

Your added value

  • Comply with maintenance contracts
  • Highlight service portfolio
  • Save time and resources
Workflows – Milestone planning of complex work processes
  • Modern task board design
  • Representation of parallel and multiple processes
  • Preparation of checklists with predefined parameters
  • Subscription feature
  • Assignment of responsibilities

  Your added value

  • Standardized and auditable processes
  • Ensuring punctuality
  • Increasing commissioning efficiency
Monitoring – Intelligent monitoring and visualization of machines and systems
  • Systematic evaluation of alarms, status, process values and throughput
  • Determination of production relevant key figures according to individual KPI models
  • Extensive reporting and filtering functions
  • Basis for preventive and predictive maintenance

Your added value

  • Easy troubleshooting and identification
  • Comparabiity of machine performance
  • Increased productivity
  • Automated alerting
SoftwareCenter – Software and version management
  • Overview of installed software versions
  • Preparation and approval of software packages
  • Automatically distribute and update software
  • Global approval and allocation of software
  • Direct download

Your added value

  • Correlation of errors and problems with software
  • Save time and resources
  • Transparent software documentation
SpareParts/Pro – Digital spare parts catalog with order tracking
  • Spare parts management with integrated parts catalog
  •  Shopping cart function and order tracking
  • Quick overview of order history
  • Subscription feature
  • Interface for connecting external 3D spare parts catalogs

Your added value

  • Proactive spare parts service
  • Transparent ordering process
  • Machine-specific spare parts catalog
KnowledgeBase – Knowledgebase with user-specific solutions
  • Documentation of user-related solutions to common problems 
  • Indexed search function
  • Rating and comment function
  • Publishing mechanism

Your added value

  • Implementation of a continuous improvement process (CIP)
  • Sustainable knowledge transfer 
  • Establishing a self-service or sharing mindset
DeviceManagement – Monitoring and managing IoT devices
  • Centralized management of individual devices and device groups
  • Fleet management: carry out mass updates using templates
  • Encapsulate customer applications in Docker containers
  • Secure and hardened operating system
  • Establishing temporary VPN connections

Your added value

  • Save time
  • Minimize complexity
  • Efficient fault diagnostics 
  • Reduced installation and service costs 
  • End-to-end encryption 
RemoteAssistance – Live video support
  • Audio and video communication via smartphone, tablet or smart glasses
  • Starting and ending service calls 
  • Call history including shared files and chats
  • Service inquiries 

Your added value

  • Reduce costs
  • Quick response time
  • Immediate support 24/7 from any location

This is what our customers say about EquipmentCloud®

  • “The EquipmentCloud® gives our team a quick and easy overview of all our customer projects. The individual cockpit provides not only us but also our customers with an overview of their machines, simplifies the search for important information and saves everyone involved an enormous amount of time in administration and communication. This opens new resources for us to continuously develop our customer service and gives us the ability to provide added value to our customers by linking the equipment data in the EquipmentCloud®. When searching for a suitable platform, it was most important for us to find a partner who understands us and our industry, the mechanical engineering sector. We have found that, and we can clearly recommend this solution!”

  • “Since using EquipmentCloud®, we have been able to commission our machines and robotic systems over 30% faster. Simply because the platform centralizes and networks the data from our machines, the specialized knowledge of our employees, and all the knowledge and experience we have gained from past projects in one place. We are currently only using a small part of the functionality and are already thrilled with the results!”

    Peter Seydel, Department Manager Customer Service, Fabmatics GmbH
  • “As a holistic solution provider for innovations in laser technology, we at InnoLas Solutions rely on our key partner Kontron AIS: from machine control and comprehensive integration services to visualization and processing of data in the cloud. With all these topics, we are in good hands. The long-term and trustful cooperation and the high level of expertise of the software developers have contributed to this. The EquipmentCloud® service platform, the FabLink® connectivity solution and the ToolCommander® control framework are the key resources for digitizing our high-precision laser applications.”

    Niels Krauch, Chief Technology Officer, Innolas Solutions GmbH
  • “For the development of Smart Services as a classic plant and machinery manufacturer, DAS would like to make its waste gas and wastewater treatment systems more intelligent. With Kontron AIS and its digital transformation solution, we have a local and competent partner at our side to help us perform data-driven fault analyses, automated data transfers maintenance in a predictive manner.”

    Caroline Albers, Process engineer for water treatment & project management „Smart System – digital Services“, DAS Environmental Expert GmbH, DAS Environmental Experts GmbH
  • “The train formation facility (ZBA) Seddin Nord-Süd and thus the maintenance team for the shunting equipment has benefited directly from higher availability, shunting quality and faster response times since the digital transformation solution EquipmentCloud® from Kontron AIS is used. The visualization of monitoring data (alarm duration and frequency) as well as the load statistics of the track brakes provide us, as the district manager of DB Netz, with a secure and reliable argumentation and planning basis for reinvestment in future braking systems.”

    Daniel Mairing, District Manager LST Seddin, DB Netz AG
  • “Live monitoring, KPIs and factory overviews in the EquipmentCloud® support us as Stürtz Maschinenbau in building a digital service. Our customers in window manufacturing can thus react quickly and appropriately to changes in production.”

    Ron Römer, Head of Aftersales Service, Stürtz Maschinenbau GmbH