The MES for Process-Driven and Scalable Production Control in Photovoltaic Production

Photo of a production with robots in the PV industry

These companies rely on FabEagle®MES

Our FabEagle®MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is the solution for high-performance data acquisition and large-scale production control for the photovoltaic (PV) and battery industries, where every percent counts for reliability and efficiency to optimize quality and price. With more than 20 years of industry experience, we know these requirements and address them with a process-driven MES that enables you to achieve continuous traceability and reliable tracking rates in high-volume production. 

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FabEagle®MES – Your benefits

    • Software-controlled work sequences ensure the process stability across the whole production
    • Digital recipes, bill of material and orders simplify production processes and ensure deadlines are met
    • Automatic specification of recipe and machine parameters saves time in production management
    • Central transport control increases the efficiency of production processes 
    • Reporting and analysis functions improve quality management
    • Visualization of alarms and trends reduces response times for maintenance
    • Automatic documentation and data collection simplifies work tasks
    • Machine monitoring identifies and reduces bottlenecks and causes of downtimes
    • Acquiring material and product data for complete traceability provides important insights into the influence of individual process steps on manufacturing processes and product parameters
    • Automatic data archiving to verify the quality of manufactured products
    • Complete traceability down to individual solar cells thanks to virtual wafer tracking

FabEagle®MES applications in PV and battery production

Photo of a production line with solar cells

Solar cell production

To precisely monitor and control the manufacture of highly efficient solar cells, FabEagle®MES offers you single-wafer tracking through all process steps within photovoltaic cell manufacturing. 

Photo of a production line with solar modules and robots

Solar module production

With graphical user interfaces, FabEagle®MES supports you in solar module production, for example with module inspection and rework, as well as in configuring and monitoring the automatic palletizing of finished modules.

Photo production battery cell production with machine and two people

Battery cell manufacturing

The production of battery cells is characterized by a variety of different processes and manufacturing technologies. As a central link between your company IT and production areas, FabEagle®MES handles the exchange of data for processing production orders and managing all production specifications.


Features at a glance

Visualization and evaluation

  • Production visualization

    Interactive production layout for quick access to machine states, alarms and production progress

  • Online process visualization

    Presentation of trends of selected process data in real time to identify process deviations

  • Alarm statistics

    Analysis of machine malfunctions according to frequency and duration to identify optimization potential

  • Trend and reporting

    Visualization of process, material and machine data for user-defined reports

  • Online SPC

    Configuration of statistical rules to monitor process and material data

Management and control

  • Production control

    Transport control and monitoring of material logistics for efficient operation of all machines

  • Event management

    Configuration of actions in the event of breaches of SPC rules, machine alarms or maintenance procedures

  • Order management

    Synchronization of orders with an ERP or manual administration in the MES and assignment of a work plan to each production order

  • Shift planning

    Definition of shifts, shift models and target figures for evaluations and calculation of KPIs

  • Work plan management

    Schematic configuration of the manufacturing process in work plans plus definition of recipes, lists of parts and relevant parameters

  • Recipe management

    Central administration and provision of process parameters and settings for machines

  • User management

    Definition of user groups and authorizations

Data acquisition and delivery

  • Material tracking

    Traceability from source material to finished product featuring physical and virtual tracking for very high tracking rates

  • Machine data collection

    Automatic and manual logging of machine states, product defects and batches to calculate KPIs

  • Process data acquisition

    Retrieval and storage of process and material data relating to quality for every manufacturing step

  • Long-term data archive

    Configurable archiving solution with all relevant production data

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