Individual Control Solutions to Automize Transport Systems in Factories

Increase your efficiency with connected processes and machines

Automatisierung Transportsysteme Transportband

Loading and unloading systems, chain-, belt- or screw conveyors, lifts or buffers – transport systems increase the efficiency and optimize the material flow between manual workstations, machines and other manufactural equipment or even between entire production lines. The key to this: a comprehensive automation through a seamless integration of all systems from a wide range of manufacturers. By providing tailor-made control solutions, we connect your processes and reliably transfer materials and data to the desired destination. The integration of control systems and horizontal product tracking is state of the art.

Discover your potential with control solutions for automating transport systems

  • Transport control, interface integration and a line controller from a single source for a high reliability and performance
  • Manufacturer-independent connection and integration of machines and systems for full flexibility
  • Consistent optimization of material and product flows thanks to transparent, comprehensible processes
  • Shorter processing times and minimized downtimes increase your efficiency
  • Early identification of bottlenecks creates opportunities to react quickly
  • Great flexibility when adapting to new capacities, transport routes, processes or machines
  • Efficient use of resources to ensure sustainable production processes

Challenges for the control of automated transport systems

The challenges associated with control solutions for automating transfer and transport systems by interconnecting process machines vary widely and depend on project-specific factors such as

  • factory size,
  • industry,
  • number of process steps, 
  • number of machines, production lines or assembly lines,
  • existing IT infrastructure,
  • required interfaces to machines, line controllers or MES. 

With over 30 years of experience, we can help you meet these challenges. Our experienced project team supports you through all phases of the path to your individual control solution. This gives you the freedom to focus on your core business.

6 steps to control your automated transportation systems

With our expertise and an experienced team, we are able to adapt to your individual needs. Our customized control solutions will automatize your transport systems and ensure a smooth production process. Experienced project managers coordinate and supervise the entire planning and development process. 

    • Analysis of general conditions and processes
    • Identification of possible automation approaches and concepts
    • Consulting for suitable control systems as well as drive- and safety technologies
    • Modelling of transport systems to verify machine performance in advance
    • Definition and integration of all relevant system parameters such as speed and accelerations
    • Implementation of control logic to manage material flow under varying loads
    • Analyses for system optimization
    • Software architecture design
    • Preparation of project plans for development and commissioning phases
    • Programming of PLC software
    • Using the TIA portal (Totally Integrated Automation Portal)
    • Use of SCL (Structured Control Language), FUP (Function Plan) and GRAPH (sequential control) programming languages according to system requirements and complexity
    • Setting Hardware parameters
    • Software installation
    • Controller configuration
    • Commissioning of individual components and the entire system
    • Functional testing
    • Integration into higher-level systems such as line controllers or MES
    • Training and instruction
    • Individual service offerings for software, hardware, maintenance and troubleshooting based on your needs
    • Further development and software modifications when adapting processes, such as changing transport routes or adding new line components

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