The Complete Fleet Management Solution for Edge Devices

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KontronGrid is the complete fleet management solution for edge devices that has been specially developed to make management easy and simplify the rollout of container applications. This complete hardware and software solution lays the foundation for the development of your custom IoT solutions to automate tasks such as securely carrying out fleet updates at operating system and application level with just a few clicks, monitoring devices in the field and establishing fast remote support to minimize downtimes. This allows you to manage thousands of device connections end-to-end, globally and at a glance.

These companies rely on our fleet management solution KontronGrid

KontronGrid – Your benefits

  • Complete solution for your IoT needs: Benefit from seamless integration through software and hardware. With KontronOS and matched hardware, you benefit from speed of integration and cost efficiency without compromise.
  • Start right away: Forget about hidden costs or additional development. With our system, you can get started right away and experience fast onboarding.
  • Maximum security, minimum effort: With our company-level ISO27001 certification and simplified entry to IEC62443 certifications, you can secure your projects at the highest level.
  • A customer portal that works for you: Get a personalized experience with custom branding, customizable user rights, and multi-language support.
  • Less complexity, more efficiency: Manage and update your edge devices effortlessly with just a few clicks to minimize manual input.
  • Boost development team productivity: We provide the infrastructure your development team needs to focus on application development.
  • Flexible and scalable solution that grows with your fleet: device fleets of any size and variance can be managed worldwide and easily scaled down to machine level

KontronGrid improves efficiency through simple device management and fast software updates

  • "As a manufacturer of grinding, eroding and laser machines, we have set up KontronGrid and KontronOS as a platform for our customers to manage and update machines and IoT gateways. By using Docker containers, KontronGrid enables easy device management and fast software updates to quickly respond to security vulnerabilities and provide security updates. Rights management provides flexibility for different user groups. The successful migration to KontronGrid was supported by the close collaboration with Kontron AIS and the maintenance of our existing deployment using Docker container technology. KontronGrid has significantly increased the efficiency of our production processes."

    Patrick Bauer, Design & Development, VOLLMER WERKE Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Proven added value for stakeholders of device and component manufacturers

IT Managers
  • Minimize complexity for IT teams and free up IT resources
  • 24/7 overview of globally distributed device fleet
  • Meet the highest security standards and compliance requirements
Software Architects
  • Secure data exchange with comprehensive end-to-end encryption mechanisms
  • Continuous deployment during operation
  • Easily build and manage containers for scalable applications
Chief Digital Officer and Product Manager
  • Monetization opportunities through software licensing and custom application solutions
  • Increase machine turnover through digital service
  • Ensure competitiveness through accelerated product development cycles and faster time to market

Proven added value for machine manufacturers

Service and Support
  • Cost efficiency: Reduce hardware, installation and maintenance costs
  • Minimize travel costs: Significantly reduce the need for on-site visits
  • Efficient troubleshooting: Save time with direct and targeted problem resolution
  • In-depth support: Immediate assistance down to the device level
  • Act proactively: Perform preventive actions through predictive analysis

Application scenarios with KontronGrid

  • World map with IoT boxes

    KontronGrid makes it much easier to manage, monitor and operate your fleet of devices. This means that you can keep track of thousands of device connections at any given time.

  • Graphic that explains Docker

    Container-based applications can be updated without manual effort using configurable image templates in KontronGrid. Test and roll out update scenarios on edge devices distributed worldwide.

  • For service cases, use KontronGrid to remotely access your machines quickly and efficiently. Set up a temporary VPN connection at control level to significantly increase your support depth.

  • Graphic that explains the components of an operating system

    Secure your Intel® x86 and Arm® based devices against critical vulnerabilities with a Yocto Linux-based operating system. Two redundant operating system partitions provide the highest availability and a secure management interface for updates and deployment.


Device management made simple
  • Condition monitoring: Continuously monitor the state of all IoT devices
  • Cloud-based management: Centralized control of globally distributed edge devices in a cloud environment
  • Easy onboarding: Quickly and easily integrate new IoT devices
Manage device fleets
  • Secure Operating System: KontronOS, based on Yocto-Linux and optimized for Intel® x86 or Arm®, delivers stability and flexibility
  • Double security: Achieve 100% availability with two redundant operating system partition
  • Secure updates: Securely manage, update and deploy through our intuitive admin interface – always ready for rapid updates in case of critical vulnerabilities
Efficient container management
  • Automated deployment: Efficiently manage and deploy Docker images to device fleets via command line interface (CLI)
  • Customer applications: Encapsulate images into containers for optimized distribution
  • Mass updates: Target and efficiently roll out updates to device fleets using templates
  • Docker Compose integration: Extensive configuration and easy orchestration of image sets
Flexible remoting
  • Centralized access management: Manage desktop and remote access, including RDP and SSH
  • Set up secure remote connections for efficient support
Temporary VPN Tunneling
  • Flexible access: Direct, secure, and controlled access to machine and system networks
  • Direct connection & tunneling: Simple setup of direct network connections with comprehensive monitoring and logging
  • Unlimited Teamwork: Multiple experts can access a system in parallel for efficient problem solving
Secure operating system KontronOS

A core component of the KontronGrid fleet management solution is the hardened Yocto Linux-based KontronOS operating system, which comes pre-installed for enhanced security and optimal operation of Docker containers in embedded and networked Intel® x86 or Arm® based devices.

  • Comprehensive security architecture: KontronOS effectively protects against compromise, unwanted external access and uncontrolled updates
  • Intuitive user interface: Simple configuration of network zones and settings
  • Network protection: Integrated firewall enables precise definition and protection of network zones against unwanted access
  • Advanced physical security: Additional security layer for device and user login data as well as an integrated security mechanism at BIOS level, supported by TPM 2.0 on x86 and HAB for Intel® x86 or Arm®
  • Versatile signal support: GPIO support allows the use of digital signals for extended use cases
  • Proactive security check: Continuous CVE/CWE analysis of software components against known vulnerabilities

Standard IoT stack: The matching hardware portfolio for the KontronGrid fleet management solution

A picture of two hardware boxes
IoT Gateway “Premium” - Kontron KBox A-250IoT Gateway “Compact” - Kontron AL i.MX8M Mini


  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Recommended for high-performance and industrial IoT solutions for edge analytics, data collection and remote monitoring
  • WIFI/ LTE support


  • Recommended for automation and IoT solutions in limited space thanks to compact and robust format
  • Numerous interfaces
  • High modularity

Technical data

  • Mounting DIN rail / wall mount / desktop
  • Material Aluminum housing
  • Dimensions 150 x 58 x 100 mm
  • Weight approx. 1.0 kg
  • Protection class IP20
  • Power supply 24 VDC (+/- 20%)
  • Operating temperature 0°C to + 45°C
  • Relative humidity 93% @40°C, non-condensing

Technical data

  • Mounting DIN rail
  • Material Alumiunium housing
  • Dimensions 111 x 25 x 76 mm
  • Weight approx < 1.0 kg
  • Protection class IP 20
  • Power supply 24 VDC (+/- 20%)
  • Operating temperature 0°C to + 55°C
  • Relative humidity


  • CPU Intel x5-E3940 Quad Core (4x 1.6 Ghz; 9,5 W)
  • RAM 4GB
  • Network / interfaces
    1x GbE ETH, 1 Fast ETH, WOL support
    2x USB 3.0
    1x Serial (COM1, RS232)
    9-pin GPIO Connector
    1x DisplayPort V1.2 
  • Cooling fanless
  • Security TPM V2.0 

  • Certification CE, FCC, CB Schema, UL61010-1, UL61010-2-201


  • CPU NXP i.MX8M Mini 4x ARM® Cortex®-A53@1.6GHz
  • RAM 4GB
  • HDD 32GB eMMC
  • Network / interfaces
    1x GbE ETH, 1x 10/100 Mb
    2x USB 2.0 (Host), 1x USB 2.0 (OTG)
    1x RS232, 1x RS485
    1x CAN 2.
    4x DIO
    1x HDMI, 1x LVDS, up to 1920 x 1080 @60fps"
  • Cooling fanless
  • Security HAB Secure Boot, Trust Zone, True RNG, RSA bis 4096, AES-128/192/256, 3DES, ARC4, MD-5, SHA up to 256, ECC, Secure JTAG
  •  Certification CE


  • Operating system: KontronOS (Yocto Linux) pre-installed
  • KontronGrid connection: Agent (Javaskript) pre-installed
  • Maschine connection: via Node-RED in Docker (optional)                                                                     


  • Operating system: KontronOS (Yocto Linux) pre-installed
  • KontronGrid connection: Agent (Javaskript) pre-installed
  • Maschine connection: via Node-RED in Docker (optional)



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