The Low-Code Integration Solution for Standardized Interfaces in Production

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These companies rely on FabEagle®Connect

With FabEagle®Connect, you can create configurable and reliable interfaces such as OPC UA, REST or TCP/IP for your machines and IoT applications. As the degree of automation increases, our solution helps you meet the IT requirements for reliable interface integration of your production machines and devices – regardless of their age or manufacturer. Our integration solution uses modular components for interface protocols and data processing.

FabEagle®Connect – Your benefits

    • Easy machine integration using low-code configuration dialogs for interfaces 
    • Cost savings through use and connection of various interface protocols
    • More data security thanks to regular functional and security updates 
    • React flexibly to changes with easy adjustments to interface configurations
    • High future security through scaling in parallel FabEagle®Connect applications
    • Modular integration of own logics and interfaces 
    • Additional logic for digital signals can be integrated from older machines

FabEagle®Connect: The solution for various use cases

IoT bundle: FabEagle®Connect with gateway KBox A-250
Photo collage production line with box PC

With the KBox A-250 from Kontron, you get a box PC optimized for gateway applications. FabEagle®Connect and KBox come bundled, pre-installed and ready for use.

Standardizing interface integration in production
Photo production hall with many machines and people

With FabEagle®Connect, we offer you complete standardization of the integration level between shop floor and IT systems in one solution. This simplifies integration and maintenance for a wide range of interfaces. 

Special interfaces and existing machines
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Company-specific systems often require interfaces that are not specified in the standards. FabEagle®Connect also supports special solutions and machines that have been in operation for a long time so that you can continue using them with our code component.

Industry-specific interface protocols
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Thanks to the modular architecture of our FabEagle®Connect integration solution, you benefit from continuous expansion with new interfaces such as SECS/GEM, PV2, EUROMAP and SEMI A1.

Overview of components and features

With FabEagle®Connect, we offer you a comprehensive interface integration solution that allows you to create functioning interface configurations after just a few minutes of training thanks to reusable components and guided configuration dialogs. 

Data interfaces for your integration projectsData access via file and database interfacesData processing using code components
  • Use cloud interfaces to transfer data from production to IoT applications via REST, MQTT and ActiveMQ 
  • Proven IT interfaces such as OPC UA, TCP/IP, Modbus, RS232 and SECS/GEM Host as standard for connecting machines and devices
  • Automation interfaces for reliable data transmission, e.g. for Siemens PLCs
  • Access to CSV, XML, and JSON files via file interfaces
  • Writing and reading in MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Firebird databases
  • Develop custom logics in freely programmable components with C# script
  • Aggregate data sets to form a result
  • Buffer data on gateways or servers
  • Filter and delete data records and messages
Illustration FabEagle®Connect interfaces
Interfaces available with FabEagle®Connect
  • OPC UA Client
  • OPC UA Server
  • REST
  • TCP/IP
  • Custom Client
  • MQTT
  • PLC-S7
  • Modbus
  • SECS/GEM Host
  • Databases 
Sample applications for FabEagle®Connect
  • MES
  • ERP
  • Historian Archiving
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Database
  • OPC UA Server
  • Application Database
  • PLC
  • Files
  • Sensors & Devices

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