Factory-Wide Shop Floor Management for More Transparency in Production

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These companies rely on FabEagle®Monitoring for shop floor management

FabEagle®Monitoring the factory-wide shop floor management with monitoring system and machine and production data collection (MDA/PDA) for factory visualization. It focuses on monitoring and visualizing machine conditions, throughput, alarms and maintenance in configurable dashboards and reports. This gives you always a comprehensive overview of your production efficiency and maintenance state, allowing you to initiate actions ahead of time.

Screenshot of the FabEagle®Monitoring software

FabEagle®Monitoring shop floor management software – Your benefits

    • Visualizations in a personalized dashboard reduce response times 
    • Comparison of machine types or entire production areas enables productivity to be optimized
    • Automatic calculation and visualization of OEE simplify evaluation
    • Documentation and search functions for best practice information speed up maintenance
    • Clear information management promotes teamwork 
    • Factual comparison of planned figures and KPI calculation increase effectiveness
    • Visualization of machine alarms and malfunctions shortens response times
    • Automatic maintenance planning reduces downtimes and malfunctions
    • Prepared workflows and checklists simplify documentation

FabEagle®Monitoring is the solution for a wide range of shop floor management tasks

Machine and production data acquisition (MDA/PDA)
Photo production environment with 2 people and tablet as well as machines and digitizing surfaces

Structured data acquisition is the first step towards data-based process optimization. FabEagle®Monitoring offers you the perfect platform to centralize your machine and production data acquisition.

Maintenance planning and best practice documentation
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Optimizing maintenance planning and execution can significantly reduce downtimes. FabEagle®Monitoring allows you to structure the planning and documentation of your maintenance and at the same time flag up solutions to problems based on best-practice documentation. 

Shop floor management and team leader dashboards
Photo of two people in front of many monitors

Good teamwork starts with the effective communication of important information. During operation, FabEagle®Monitoring dashboards are a great way to provide clear information to all production participants regarding order progress, machine status, trends and alarms. 

Quick start using pilot projects
Photo of two people in front of machines with notebok and digitizing overlays

FabEagle®Monitoring allows you to obtain deep insights into the operating conditions and utilization of your machines in a very short time as part of a pilot project. This gives you a quick overview of your production’s optimization potential.

Increase motivation and efficiency with Andon boards
Photo man at machine with large monitor with Andon board above system

As a configurable information system, Andon boards support your lean management. By adding an Andon board to FabEagle®Monitoring, you can motivate your employees by visualizing production goals and trends. The status of current production in terms of planned and produced quantities can be displayed, as well as an overview of current production orders or possible backlogs. Optionally, machine status and alarms can be displayed to quickly analyze irregularities and malfunctions.

Customized application language in local language
Team of different people sitting at a desk in a meeting looking at a large screen with a screenshot of the FabEagleMonitoring software.

FabEagle®Monitoring is available in seven languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Mandarin and Russian. All users can select the application language of the shop floor management software to match their local language. This increases acceptance, simplifies operation, reduces misunderstandings and increases productivity.

Shop floor management features at a glance

Standardized modules

  • Dashboard

    • Flexible arrangement and configuration of modules for KPIs, links, diagrams and live machine status in your factory layout
    • Custom configuration possible as an Andon, Gemba or team leaderboard
    • Frequently used functions, links, lists, notes and evaluations at a glance
  • Monitoring

    • Systematic monitoring and evaluation of alarms, machine states, process values and malfunctions
    • Clear display and visualization of machine and production data (MDA/PDA)
    • Quick identification and visualization of production key performance indicators (KPI)
  • EquipmentHub

    • Easy management of machine and equipment master data
    • Comprehensive provision of machine documentation
    • Intuitive and up-to-date journal entries for machines


  • OpenIssues

    • Intuitive creation and management of internal service tickets
    • Transparent cause research and follow-up of processing
  • KnowledgeBase

    • Clear documentation, links, evaluation and commentary on best practice solutions 
    • Easy search and filtering by individual topic areas
  • Maintenance

    • Easy-to-maintain calendar with automatic notification function
    • Cyclical, alarm, condition-based or process value-based operational planning
    • Optimized maintenance planning for predictive maintenance 
  • Workflows

    • Fast preparation and processing of checklists for tests, work sequences and maintenance
    • Easy planning and managing complex work sequences in multiple phases 
  • eDocs

    • View, retrieve, and download documents
    • Integrated access and approval management
  • SoftwareCenter

    • Clear organization of software releases and updates
    • Easy versioning management of the machine software 

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