The Digital Transformation Solution for Service and After-Sales in Mechanical Engineering

The EquipmentCloud® is your cloud-based service platform with an integrated knowledge database. With the freely selectable apps, you can map internal and external processes and collect and analyse all system-related data and information. This paves the way for predictive maintenance and machine learning. With the integrated RemoteAssistant app, you can also protect your service team by processing future support orders via data glasses and augmented reality.

You will save time and money if you use the freely selectable EquipmentCloud® apps and clever data management to make your processes more efficient in the future. Discover new digital business models by reselling each app to your customers as a smart service product.

This results in a double return on investment – as a secure solution for a digital future.

Transparency + Efficiency = Service 2.0



The innovative EquipmentCloud® apps help you to make your processes faster, more reliable and more profitable. Here are three concrete examples:

Example 1: Faster ramp-up during commissioning.

Commissioning is a critical phase. Every workflow, every function, every inspection and packing list must be documented in advance so that every movement can be carried out on site. In the EquipmentCloud® you can centrally manage all machine-related information (checklists, protocols, software versions, . . . ) in a knowledge database. Increase the efficiency of your employees sustainably by making the EquipmentCloud® available as a digital workplace around the plant. With the introduction of EquipmentCloud®, our customers have already been able to reduce the commissioning time for the installation of complex systems by around 30%.

Example 2: Monitoring in real time

One click, one customer, one second – and you have all the information about a customer’s investment in front of you. On request, we connect your machines directly to EquipmentCloud®. With this monitoring, you can retrieve the operating status and other key figures online at any time and locate possible sources of errors at an early stage. By collecting machine and operational data, you create the prerequisite for machine learning and predictive maintenance.

With us, monitoring is also possible without direct coupling.

Example 3: Service in seconds.

Do you offer your customers to be on site worldwide within 48 hours in the event of irregularities in a machine? Respect. In the future, you'll only need one minute. With the EquipmentCloud®, you can carry out troubleshooting with your customer live and online and solve most cases remotely. The RemoteAssistance app allows your support team to intervene remotely using data glasses and augmented reality. In this way, you save on travel, flight and accommodation costs for your service team and thus also tackle problems such as the shortage of skilled workers.

What our customers say about the EquipmentCloud®


„With Kontron AIS we have found a partner who understands us and the mechanical engineering industry. By using EquipmentCloud® we can use the time savings and integrated machine data for the continuous development of our customer service.“

Stefan Huber, Director Project Management at RAMPF Production Systems GmbH



„With EquipmentCloud® from Kontron AIS, we were able to accelerate the commissioning of our mobile robot systems by 30%. This is because the platform manages to intelligently network and bundle the machine data, the specialist knowledge of our employees and our project experience.“

Peter Seydel, Department Manager Customer Service at Fabmatics GmbH



„Kontron AIS is a key partner for us at InnoLas Solutions for machine control, comprehensive integration services up to the implementation of a smart services concept with EquipmentCloud®.“

Niels Krauch, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Innolas Solutions GmbH


„With Kontron AIS and its IoT service platform, we as DAS have a local and competent partner at our side to support us with data-driven fault analyses, automated data transfers and predictive maintenance."

Caroline Albers, Process Engineer Water Treatment at DAS Environmental Expert GmbH


„Our maintenance at the Seddin Nord-Süd ZBA benefits from the use of the Kontron AIS IIoT service solution through higher availability, shunting quality and faster reaction times. This is ensured by reliable load statistics.“

Daniel Mairing, District Manager LST Seddin at DB Netz AG



Offer your customers 24/7 control of their machines to minimise downtime and charge a monthly service fee. You don't have to do anything about it – because with the right app in the EquipmentCloud® this process is fully automatic.


The EquipmentCloud® will make your after-sales portfolio suitable for industry 4.0. In addition, you will receive a complete customer portal that not only strengthens customer loyalty, but already provides many advantages to your customers. Whether machine learning, predictive maintenance or the use of the remote support function, EquipmentCloud® opens up a wide range of digital transformation in mechanical engineering to you and your customers.


The cycle time and detailed performance of a system over a longer period of time indicates whether it is being used to the full or whether there is potential for optimisation. With EquipmentCloud®, you can collect all this data, evaluate it – and offer it to your customer in combination with consultation as an advisory service to achieve better performance.


Benefit from the extensive range of functions of the service platform for your application-related usage scenarios.

  • EquipmentHub

          - Master data management
          - Supplier management
          - Smart overview of all relevant information
          - Logbook

  • eDocs

          - Digital document management
          - Support of various file formats (HTML, pdf, doc, etc. )
          - Global sharing and mapping of machines, types or hierarchies
          - Quick access and download of files

  • OpenIssues

          - Structured and clear overview of all current tasks
          - Transparent and detailed tracking in the team and with the customer
          - Practical filtering and reporting options
          - Automatic notification

  • Workflows

          - Planning of complex workflows
          - Checklist creation with predefined parameters
          - Processing and documentation of tasks in digital checklists
          - Mobile processing of checklists
          - Printing, updating and archiving

  • Monitoring

          - Monitoring of machine data
          - Systematic evaluation and notification of alarms, states, process values and faults
          - Determination of production-relevant key figures
          - Archiving historical machine data
          - Basis for preventive and predictive maintenance

  • Maintenance

          - Maintenance and appointment calendar
          - Cyclic, preventive maintenance and repair
          - Execution of maintenance plans by means of checklists
          - Automatic notification

  • SoftwareCenter

          - Management of installed software versions
          - Creation, release and rollout of software packages
          - Preventive troubleshooting of software issues

  • Knowlegde Base

          - Knowledge base with intelligent search function
          - Document, comment and evaluate user-related solutions
          - Breakdown by thematic area
          - Successful establishment of continuous improvement process (CIP)

  • RemoteAssistance

          - Live support via interactive video telephony via smartphone, tablet or data glasses
          - 24/7 emergency aid independent of location
          - Call history including shared files and chats
          - Reduce operating costs by avoiding travel expenses


How would it be if you could simply pull the entire knowledge of your machines and systems, that of your employees and that from past service cases out of your pocket? With the EquipmentCloud® mobile app, this is possible at any time. With this app, you can call up all the relevant data of your worldwide installed machines around the clock, perform maintenance and view relevant documents. Receive push notifications on the current status of maintenance and strengthen customer loyalty today through predictive maintenance and proactive service with the EquipmentCloud® mobile app.


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Sales Manager 

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Mobil: +49 (0) 151 20330519

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Benefits for your Management

  • Offer a fast industry 4.0 solution for your machines
  • Optimise the deployment of your skilled personnel and reduce unnecessary travel
  • Increase competitiveness by using digital services

Benefits for your service & support

  • Enable continuous monitoring of the functionality of machines and components
  • Use the integrated remote service solution with augmented reality and data glasses
  • Expand your service business and increase customer loyalty

Benefits for your end customer

  • Enable quick access to product-related information
  • Establish a comprehensive service and customer portal for your machines
  • Create services along the entire machine life cycle