The FabEagle®MES is our software framework for scalable production control and monitoring. It offers you all possibilities of quality assurance through traceability and machine data acquisition in your production processes.

We offer you a highly scalable solution for the support of manual production processes extending to the fully automated production of high volumes.

The challenge is to integrate a MES system, which allows a PV manufacturer to closely control every step of his value chain. This means to completely vertically integrate manufacturing processes like crystal growing, wafer cutting, solar cell processing and solar module assembly.

Manufacturers install a MES to achieve traceability for all products from raw silicon through crystal, ingot, wafer, solar cell up to the finished solar module. The goal is to keep track of all transactions and operations to determine precisely what was done to the product, when was it processed at which equipment and under which conditions.

Process and Equipment data acquisition is done by using various standard compliant interfaces like SECS, PV2, XML, OPC and S7. These interfaces are used to reliably communicate the equipment state, material movement, process parameter and equipment data.

Material and carrier interlock commands are used to prevent material mishandling and to enforce the orderly execution of the steps in the work plans. Product yield is improved and scrap reduced by enforcing the execution of the work plan and tightly controlling and monitoring manual and automatic material processing.

The material tracking and tracing data ensures besides correct inventory data an end-to-end backward and forward genealogy. Backward tracking starts from the finished solar module relating it back to solar cells, wafers, ingot, crystal, raw silicon and related consumables to build a module. Forward tracking starts from raw silicon tracking it to all the finished solar modules that were produced using a certain silicon lot.

A Real-time connection to the ERP system is used to continuously exchange master data, work orders, production progress and quality information to keep track of semi-finished and finished product inventory and the associated consumption of raw material and consumables.

The acquired equipment data is used to calculate KPIs like OEE. This allows closely monitoring and improving equipment performance.

In addition to the key application areas in the solar and photovoltaic industry our MES is also suitable for additional industries such as the battery and electronics manufacturing sectors.

Manufacturing Visualisation
Order Management
Work Plan Management
Production Control
Recipe Management
Alarm Statistics
Material Tracking
Machine Data Acquisition
Process Data Acquisition
Online Process Visualisation
Event Manager
User Administration
Shift Planning
Maintenance Management
Logbook / Machine Log
Long-term Archiving

A fast and straightforward system integration can be realised with our FabLinksuite product, in addition to further standardised interfaces:


  • Support of the industry 4.0 interfaces OPC-UA, REST and MQTT
  • Interfaces to various control systems, e.g. from Siemens, Beckhoff, Wago, Allen-Bradley, Mitsubishi and OMRON via TCP / IP, RS232 or RS485
  • Communication via real-time buses, such as Profibus, Profinet, Modbus, CAN, LON or EtherCAT
  • Uses of message busses such  as MSMQ, TIBCO, ActiveMQ with XML-based communication
  • Industry-specific interfaces such as SECS/GEM, EUROMAP, MTConnect or PV2
  • Connection via middleware technologies such as CORBA or DCOM
  • Database interfaces, e.g. to MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and DBASE
  • File interfaces with manufacturer-specific structure
  • In the event that the digital interface is absent, collation of information such as the piece counter, machine state or energy consumption via additional decentralised periphery (e.g., Siemens ET200 or Beckhoff Bus Terminals).


  • Highly scalable solution for the manufacturing of high volumes.
  • Ensuring tracebility with lot size 1
  • Increasing transparency through online visualisation and extensive reporting functions
  • Enhancing productivity through ideal production management & Online-SPC
  • Reduction of downtimes by machine data analysis & maintenance management

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