VarGBS - The variable track brake control for rail & traffic systems

Our variable track brake control system which specialises in track formation yards for goods wagons. It is used for speed control and the keeping of the required distances from the hump to coming to a standstill ready for coupling in the directional track.

VarGBS is a modular product with which the customised adaptation to the performance and plant size can be realised. In this way it facilitates a broad range of applications and functions:

Flexible applications

  • Various mountain and valley profiles
  • Control of different types of track brakes
  • Mountain and valley brakes (front brakes and main brake), track brakes, gravity compensation brakes, railways points security device
  • Hydraulic, electrodynamic, pneumatic
  • Control system of conveying systems
  • Logistics interface concerning planning and scheduling systems, e.g. PVG, SiBaCh, HABIS and SAP
  • Option for fully automated route control (with partners) or design as independent brake control system

Comprehensive functions

  • Extended collision protection
  • Self-monitoring system
  • Operation and observation for various user groups, e.g. operator workstation and maintenance station
  • Predictive, state-based maintenance, also with mobile terminals
  • Track inventory
  • Comprehensive reporting with data acquisition for each sequence through logging, documentation and diagnostic functions
  • Provision of data concerning the necessity of repairs of the wagons to derive the required maintenance measures.
  • Remote diagnosis option via our VarRemote

VarGBS is a safe, tried and tested and approved control system. The software development process is performed according to the software safety requirement level SIL 2 pursuant to DIN EN 50128 (CENELEC).

AIS is a pre-qualified supplier for brake and conveyor control systems at Deutsche Bahn AG.

Prequalification for train formation systems

Among other things we use weather data from our meterological station. 

Weather measurement

Weather measurement sensor for

  • Wind direction and wind force
  • Surface and air temperature
  • Relative humidity and precipitation intensity

Determination of the state of the weather by means of weather models for

  • Track state
  • Fog, dew and frost
  • Drying, Sublimation
  • Ice formation








Further information and technical details can be found in the VarGBS Factsheet or let us advise you personally and without obligation in finding a solution in line with your needs.


  • Ensuring consistently high shunting quality and short throughput times
  • Gentle treatment of the carriages
  • Ideal brake curve for low wear of the brakes
  • Systematic planning of maintenance measures
  • Reduction of downtimes and shunting errors
  • Contribution towards the increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of rail freight transport
  • Reliability - more than 25 years of experience in automation tasks for the control of shunting technology

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