Specification for Control Job Management

Control Job Management is the second important GEM300 Job Management component. While Process Jobs (PJ) describe the actual material processing, Control Jobs enable the host to manage re-occurring Process Jobs or complex Processing scenarios. In supporting Control Job Management, the equipment provides a service to the fab furthering advanced fab automation.

Control Jobs can consist of multiple Process Jobs, that may be scheduled in a specific order or the process job progression can be optimized within the running Control Job. After completing one Control Job, the equipment can proceed with the next one in the queue. It is also possible to run several Control Jobs at the same time. If wished, this new Control Job will start as soon as the required material has arrived, or can be initiated and controlled by the host using the start, stop, abort, pause or resume commands. It is also possible for the fab host to change the queue order to meet new priorities. Based on processing results, control jobs allow for rule-based routing alternations of the processed materials, e.g. moving on to the next processing step, repeating the current step or routing for scrap handling.