Working as a Service Provider for Infineon Technologies Since 20 Years

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We are proud to officially can talk about Infineon Technologies as a reference for equipment integration. In this context, we would also like to say thank you for the great cooperation over the last 20 years, which extends from the areas of facility to equipment control to factory IT.

A partnership-based and open collaboration, which to a large extent concerns one of the most essential points of modern factories.

Integration is currently shaped by buzzwords such as I4.0 and Smart Manufacturing. In front-end factories of Semiconductor industry and especially at Infineon in Dresden, these concepts have been a reality for a very long time.
One of the main reasons for this is the Standardization that SEMI pushed forward many years ago. Infineon paved the way with the first 300mm factory worldwide and Kontron AIS GmbH were there from the beginning.
By using standardized interfaces SECS/GEM and EDA, we are able to integrate equipment at Infineon efficiently and uniformly.