Product Release: FabLink® Version 6.0

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We are pleased to announce our latest product release. Our integration solution FabLink® now also supports the SEMI EDA (Equipment Data Acquisition) - Standard Freeze II (0710).

The EDA standard, which is also known as Interface A - tandard, allows a fast transfer of large amounts of data between machine and factory IT in addition to a SECS / GEM interface. With the Freeze II was expanded the metadata description and integrated SOAP 1.2 support. Currently, the following two versions of the SEMI EDA standard are possible: EDA Freeze I (1105) and EDA Freeze II (0710), which we now both support with the FabLink® version 6.0.

In addition, our current FabLink® version offers a direct connection to the EquipmentCloud®. This allows you to transmit and evaluate messages, process values and states directly into the EquipmentCloud®.