New Logo for Kontron AIS

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Kontronschriftzug im Hintergrund gerührt sich eine menschliche Hand mit einem Roboterarm

New logo for Kontron AIS
Kontron AG, to which Kontron AIS GmbH also belongs, presents itself with a new, fresh brand identity and a powerful message: We are providing a combined IoT, software and 5G portfolio from one source!

In 2022, Kontron, formerly S&T AG, announced the full focus of its corporate strategy on the IoT portfolio and the sale of the majority of its IT services business. In the new year, Kontron is now also presenting itself with a new, fresh brand identity. The rebrand unifies the Kontron brands, capturing all the collaborations and expertise of our businesses within the IoT, software and 5G sectors. Kontron AIS, as part of the Kontron AG, is also joining this rebranding and is now operating with the new logo that reflects its future-oriented focus with dynamic elements.