New Greenery for the Company Grounds

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People plant trees in front of a building

Climate protection, sustainability and CO2 reduction start on your own doorstep – in the case of Kontron AIS, on its own company premises. Five new trees will support the company's sustainability strategy in the future.
Get to the shovels, ready to go ... that was the motto at Kontron AIS GmbH shortly before the start of spring. Together with the employees, five new trees were planted on the premises of the first company building: four flowering ash trees and one hornbeam. The selected trees are so-called climatic trees, which can easily cope with the summer drought and the generally challenging urban climate. In the future, they will provide habitat, carbon storage and shade, while supporting the company's sustainability strategy, as Dirk Sauer, Managing Director of Kontron AIS GmbH, explains: "As a company, we are aware of our responsibility to the environment. We take great care to minimize our carbon footprint – always with the goal of being completely CO2 neutral by 2030. The new trees are another small building block in our sustainability strategy to achieve this goal."