K-PORT becomes KontronGrid

Our edge device management solution K-PORT is now called KontronGrid. The new name underlines the positioning of the fleet management solution for the growing demands in the areas of security and the Internet of Things (IoT). 

The increasing connectivity of IoT devices has the potential to optimize nearly every aspect of the economy, but it also raises challenges such as data protection and cybersecurity. This makes it all the more important to create robust and scalable networks – or grids – that can be seamlessly integrated and meet the highest security standards. A grid is more than just a network – it is a dynamic and secure network that enables the smooth flow of information between thousands of devices. This is also intended to address new markets such as telecommunications or smart and green energy, where component and device manufacturers are active with high-volume IoT solutions and increasingly rely on telemetry data.

NIS2 expands cybersecurity requirements for critical infrastructure from September 2024, and the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) sets additional security standards for IoT devices from the end of 2026. KontronGrid helps ensure compliance by providing continuous, global monitoring and secure rollout of updates. The solution helps to identify risks, secure the supply chain and optimize incident reporting to support the security of critical infrastructure or networked devices.

With a new name, the product remains the comprehensive fleet management solution that securely and easily manages, automates, and updates your globally distributed IoT devices. The ISO27001 certification of Kontron AIS's software development process is a key element of this.  So you are ready not only for today's needs, but also for tomorrow's challenges.