Being Intern at AIS Means Creating Real Applications for Real Problems

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The start of the project of Jan Funkes internship at AIS in october 2016 began with the problem of a namable fabricator in the field of semiconductor technology. For the quality monitoring of dedicated fabrication processes, the operative next to the machine should be able to promptly document the quality of a component and the machines conditions, e.g. with pressing a red button for machine stop and troubleshooting or error control.

These data can be shown and evaluated graphically in a dashboard – and provide the basis for the calculation of diverse KPI, alarms, the machines occupancy, OEE and much more. Another feature is the simple integration oft he IOT Push Buttons with ethernet or USB in an existing IT infrastructure. As protocol can be chosen between MQTT or an Rest API. The program logic is realised server-sided in a scripting language, so that no adaptions are necessary in the software on the IOT Push Button.

Now, after four month of tinkering, the production control station is in action at the fabricators factory to the utmost satisfaction – a real success story!