FabEagle®Connect Supports the Production of State-of-the-Art Infrared Sensors

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Spectroscopy image Semperoper Dresden

Infrared sensors from InfraTec GmbH Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik are manufactured in high-precision, multi-stage processes that document data-supported process values and test results. The connection and data conversion between a coating machine and existing software for data processing is now handled by FabEagle®Connect at InfraTec.
For InfraTec, one thing is certain: "The integration was quick and we were provided with immediate support. The tool could be used specifically for our requirements". The tool that Jörg Weih, project manager IT at InfraTec GmbH praises is FabEagle®Connect. It realizes the interface integration and data conversion of a coating machine with OPC UA server without standardized data structure to an existing software for data processing, which, however, does not have an interface to the machine control. For this purpose, the data exchange with the machine manufacturer and operator was specified and FabEagle®Connect was used as converter from OPC UA to TCP/IP (XML). This ensures reliable, scalable and high-performance acquisition, conversion and transmission in XML format of the data provided by the OPC UA server of the coating plant to the existing software for data processing. 

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