1st Blood Donation Day at Kontron AIS

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LKW Blutspende

28 colleagues participated in our first blood donation day, combining their way to work with a good cause. We would like to thank all the brave donors and the German Red Cross for their commitment.
Today, the mobile blood donation team of the German Red Cross came to our company for the first blood donation day, and we are glad that 28 employees took part in the campaign. Blood is urgently needed and is essential to help the sick and injured. A single donation of 500 milliliters can help up to three people. The donations are used to produce red blood cell concentrates, which are needed by people with oxygen deficiency in their blood, as well as platelet concentrates and blood plasma for patients with blood clotting disorders or a tendency to bleed.
Michael Jacob, Managing Director of Kontron AIS, points out: "Anyone can suddenly be in need of a blood donation due to an emergency, and only the human body can produce it – unfortunately, an artificial substitute only exists in the movies. As a company, we are aware of our social responsibility and want to encourage our employees to get involved. That's why we decided to organize a blood donation campaign with the German Red Cross in our company, so that we could combine our way to work with something good – during working hours, of course."
It was a great day with lots of laughter in the rooms – also thanks to the great staff from the German Red Cross, who took great care of all colleagues from registration, through the first short lab test, to the doctor's consultation and the blood draw. One thing is clear: the first blood donation day at Kontron AIS will certainly not be the last.