We Build 24 Bird Nesting Boxes for Dresden

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Nesting boxes

As part of the European Sustainability Week, some of our employees took a break from the office and took up their drills and saws to build 24 bird boxes for the "Nistkästen für Dresden" association. This action not only underlined our commitment to the environment, but also increased the number of nesting boxes for the "1,000 Nesting Boxes for Dresden" initiative to 152.
The "1,000 Nesting Boxes for Dresden" initiative has ambitious plans for the next five years. Together with regional companies, 1,000 nesting boxes are to be installed in the city. The goal is not only to make the city more bird-friendly, but also to raise environmental awareness.
As part of the European Sustainability Week, we wanted to make an active contribution to this. Our employees took part in a workshop run by the "Nistkästen für Dresden" association, sanding wood, drilling precise holes, assembling nesting boxes and finally sealing them with environmentally friendly linseed oil varnish. In this way, 24 nesting boxes were created, and the process of building them also helped to raise awareness of conservation issues and strengthen team spirit. We are proud of our contribution to the preservation of songbird diversity in Dresden, and we had a lot of fun building them on our company grounds in late summer weather.