Overcoming the Hurdles in Ramping-up Solar Cell Production to Maximum Efficiency with MES

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PV manufacturing is a highly competitive business with constantly evolving new technologies and ever-increasing solar cell efficiencies. These innovations need to be industrialized in gigawatt-scale factories fast and reliably – possible with the help of domain-specific Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and process knowledge.

Ramping up production facilities is mastered by well-established players in the PV industry, but poses a lot of hurdles to new companies that want to bring a high-quality product to market in a foreseeable time frame. Specialized companies like ISC Konstanz can provide technology and support the ramp-up by interpreting data and training the manufacturing team, but acquisition of reliable data remains a challenge in new production lines. 

Given the cost constraints facing PV manufacturers in today’s industry, it is more important than ever to not only have full visibility over metrology and efficiency data, but also to be able to trace and control the entire process flow for individual wafers in real time using MES.

This PV Tech webinar, co-hosted with ISC Konstanz, explores:

  • The challenges faced with bringing up modern production lines with increasing process complexity and the impact of lack of visibility into process deficiencies across several process steps.
  • Considering high-throughput process equipment for gigawatt-scale production capacity and the challenges that can be overcome with single wafer tracking to navigate the costly ramp-up phase.
  • Available MES functional modules to meet high volume production requirements. Specifically, the criteria and features of MES software for the PV industry that should be on any requirements list, detailing high-performance data handling and virtual wafer tracking.

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