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Solar Cell and Module Production with FabEagle®MES: Fully Integrated for Gigawatt Scale Production

In the transition to green energy, the photovoltaic (PV) industry is making a significant contribution to achieving the goal of 100% renewable energy in the near future by providing high-efficiency solar modules for residential and utility-scale PV installations.

Solar cell manufacturing is one of the most crucial steps in the photovoltaics value chain for high efficiency solar modules. It relies heavily on the monitoring and control of manufacturing operations to ensure quality, improve processes and save costs. A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is typically used to collect the necessary data and control production.
Meyer Burger has been in the process of transforming itself from an equipment vendor to a solar module supplier and was looking for an MES to support its production needs. Due to the proven track record in the PV industry and the functionalities offered, the FabEagle®MES from Kontron AIS was chosen to monitor and control manufacturing at Meyer Burger’s heterojunction technology (HJT) solar cell factory in Thalheim and the SmartWire solar module production facilities in Freiberg.

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