Production control (MES)

Factory-wide and quality assurance in production processes

Respond quickly and adaptably to changing market demands placed upon your production processes . Network your production with the management level and provide all the relevant manufacturing information at the same time.

Essential functions for your manufacturing

  • Guarantee the traceability of the manufactured products
  • Assign recorded test and process data to the products
  • By means of the integrated recipe and type management, formulas and parameters are configured, and inputs are checked in terms of their plausibility
  • Manage different version of work schedules
  • Record and save machine states and errors as well as performance and quality data
  • It actively controls the material flow by means of intelligent transport management
  • Calculation of performance indicators, e.g. Reliability Availibility Maintainability (RAM) or Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Use the integrated interface to the ERP to match master data as well as manufacturing orders, and you will have the order status, used material and quality data reported back to the ERP.

Profit from our experiences in the PV, battery and electronics sectors

We provide our customers with extensive technology-specific experience through the successful realisation of numerous projects in the areas of factory and manufacturing automation sector in the photovoltaic, battery and electronics industries. Well-known manufacturers have placed their faith in the use of our systems throughout the world.

AIS offers the optimised MES and production IT solution, its installation and long term support for all manufacturing areas of silicon wafer and thin film based technologies for the production of solar cells as well as the production of solar receivers for solar thermal Systems.

Make use of our longstanding experience, and rely upon our expertise. With our FabEagle®MES product we control and monitor your production processes and thus provide you with a flexible software system. Mit FabEagle®mobile you can also monitor your manufacturing processes from your mobile devices.

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