Factory monitoring - Optimized monitoring of your production

Make your machines comparable - with automatic data acquisition, documentation and a wide range of analysis options we help you to always keep an eye on your plants and to transparently and precisely identify the existing optimization potential.

The main areas of application of Kontron AIS can be set for the pharmaceutical industry, the automotive sector as well as the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries.

Essential features and benefits at a glance

  • Seamless recording of events, errors, throughput values and process values through automatic data acquisition
  • Online machine information (status, errors, products)
  • Offline evaluation in the form of factory-wide reports
  • Increasing of the OEE in your lines
  • Reduction of the outage times and unit costs


Make use of our longstanding experience and rely upon our expertise. We provide you with the facts to increase the productivity and utilization of your machine capacities. We also offer you a suitable software system with our FabEagle®Monitoring so you can monitor your production from your mobile service.

Feel free to approach us and let us advise you personally and without obligation in finding a solution in line with your needs.