Preventive maintenance

Predictive maintenance helps to save costs

Securing quality and avoiding unplanned downtimes is the central principle of predictive maintenance. This can save valuable human resources and be used for more effective tasks.

Our services for intelligent maintenance

In addition to the assumption of maintenance services, we also focus on maintenance planning. In the digital age of Mobility 4.0, we also offer remote maintenance, e.g. for on-line monitoring of the systems as well as documentation of the performance of the maintenance work.

Self-organising maintenance system based on

  • Time of use (e.g operating hours), switching cycles
  • Wear, measured values
  • One-off / cyclical Events

Documentation of the performance of the maintenance work

  • Time, duration, place, personnel, spare parts used

Interfaces to other Systems

  • Planning Tools
  • ERP Systems

Please see also Information on our product VarRemote.

Feel free to approach us, find out more about our expertise and let us advise you personally and without obligation in finding a solution in line with your needs.


  • Amount of work
  • Material
  • Tools
  • Spare parts


  • One-time/periodic events
  • Period of use (e.g. operating hours)
  • Wear (e.g. switch cycles and others)
  • Events (messages, measured values, ...)

Maintenances planned on measured technical events –such as real operating hours, switch cycles, production output and others- optimize maintenances substantially as only technically necessary tasks are carried out. Therefore maintenance systems linked online with the control systems are preferred as they receive the necessary information for the release of maintenance tasks directly.

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