SECS/GEM solutions for system integration


SECS/GEM interfaces are an industry-specific integration layer for semiconductor technology, PV, LED, flat panel and electronics production. SECS/GEM interfaces establish the connection between the system and the higher level (MES or Cell Controller). Production and plant data, alarms, process values, process parameters etc. are transferred via SECS/GEM.

We bring years of experience to AIS SECS/GEM solutions FabLink, which are used by plant manufacturers worldwide.

Interface A (EDA)

Interface A or EDA (Equipment Data Acquisition) is an additional interface standard in the semiconductor industry. Modern EES applications (Equipment Engineering Systems) such as APC (Advanced Process Control) and monitoring systems require large quantities of equipment and process data that can be transferred via EDA.

Interface A relies on the software technology XML via SOAP/WebSevices. The basis for FDFA is the structure of the system described in the E120 SEMI standard (Common Equipment Model) and the self-description (SEMI E125 Equipment Self Description). EDA is a second system interface in addition to the existing SECS/GEM standard.

We offer you complete EDA solutions for your system control via FabLink as well as solutions for your factory IT.


In addition to implementation of standardized interfaces, AIS implements connections to MES and IT systems. For more information, see Integration Solutions.