Control for batch systems in vacuum technology

Single-chamber / batch systems are the most frequently used systems in vacuum technology. In contrast to in-line systems or Process clusters, all process steps (pretreatment, coating processes, post-treatment) are operated sequentially.

Our control system is based on the AIS control framework ToolCommander®, and offers a clear GUI with a simple and intuitive operation. In automatic mode, the process recipes are processed and logged fully automatically. An integrated manual mode is used to parameterise the individual system components (pumps, MFCs, power supplies, etc.) and their individual operation. In service mode, an internal system diagnosis and service operation of the individual digital and analogue inputs and outputs is available.

Depending on the customer's requirements, fixed formula masks (preferably for production plants) or graphic editors for the free generation of process formulas are available for formula creation. All process values are stored in a database. Process values (e.g. temperature) are available as trends for continuous monitoring or later evaluation. Process documentation is performed with a batch record.

Our control system is technology-independent and can be adapted to all requirements at a reasonable price, thanks to its components-based design.

Our system is always ready to meet your requirements

  • for single layers (e.g. decorative layers) or multilayer systems in the optical industry
  • for various technologies (resistance evaporators, electron beam evaporators, sputtering, plasma etching, etc.)
  • for various process flows
  • to connect various systems from different manufacturers

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