Success Stories

FabLink for V-Tek & Royce

Royce Instruments is a global leader in designing precision assembly tools and high-accuracy, low-force bond test equipment for the semiconductor industry. Now V-TEK/Royce is able to provide GEM-compliant equipments to their customers. During a custom training and hands-on session an Kontron AIS engineer explained the world of SECS/GEM to the customer and gave support during an initial implementation. As example we implemented FabLink on a Die Sorter while the training. After two weeks all GEM functionalities where implemented on the tool. After the detailed briefi ng V-TEK/Royce was able to implement a full SECS/GEM interface with only a very small amount of additional support. The implemented base is useable for any kind of new SECS/GEM interface. The big outcome is, that now all customers of V-TEK/Royce are able to buy equipments with full capacity of SECS/GEM based on FabLink by Kontron AIS GmbH.

Platforms: C# controlled tool, FabLink V6.0
Services: Training for SECS/GEM standards, FabLink and C#