VarTWC - Control system for train washing systems

As a configurable control system for train washing systems, VarTWC is a modern and modular software solution for various types of washing systems and for the most diverse range of train models.

VarTWC can be used for new buildings or existing plants.


  • For stationary and mobile washing portals
  • Traction through the washing system using its own resources, by towing vehicles or by fixed towing technology
  • Support of manual, semi-automatic and automatic operating modes
  • Control of the washing brushes and high pressure cleaning
  • Connection of
    • Pumps and valves, dosage of cleaning agents and level detection
    • Waste water treatment plants
    • Distance and speed measurement technology
    • Signalling devices
  • Monitoring of the outside temperature
  • Multilingual fixed or mobile control panel
  • Integrated washing history and message and alarm management
  • Evaluation of specific consumption levels and performance characteristics
  • Interface to billing systems and automated reporting

Further information and technical details can be found in the VarTWC-Factsheet or let us advise you personally and without obligation in finding a solution in line with your needs.


  • Customised washing programmes for various series
  • Configuring new or amended carriage types yourself as an operator
  • Implementation of special functions
  • Transparency through acquisition of machine and operating data
  • Independence and investment protection due to open data structures
  • More than 25 years of experience with automation tasks

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