Reporting and mobile dashboard to visualize the key figures of your production

FabEagle®Monitoring is a factory-wide monitoring system that covers your requirements for MDE/BDE. In contrast to FabEagle®LC and FabEagle®MES, FabEagle®Monitoring focuses exclusively on monitoring and reporting machine states, alarms, quantities, maintenance intervals and visualization in dashboards. This makes it scalable to be used as a detection and evaluation system in all areas of your production. This gives you a comprehensive overview of the effectiveness of your production and maintenance teams at all times.


Manufacturing Visualization
Andon or Gemba Board


Process Data Acquisition
Alarm statistics
Acquisition of Equipment and Manufacturing data

Process management

Maintenance management
User Administration


  • Cost-effective solution without limiting the number of users
  • Location-wide transparency also facilitates access to your data when you are on the move.
  • Browser-based & platform-independent application for all devices
  • Modern dashboard with graphical and tabular evaluation options

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