The intelligent performance analysis to increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

FabEagle®TFM is a production monitoring system that meets your MDE / BDE requirements. By contrast with FabEagle®LC and FabEagle®MES, the FabEagle®TFM focuses exclusively on the monitoring of machine condition data, alarms and quantities. It can thus be used in scalable manner as a recording and evaluation system in all areas of the production process and offers the user a comprehensive overview of the effectiveness of its production at all times.

In addition to the key application areas in the semiconductor industry, electronics manufacturing and microsystem technology (SEMI E10, SEMI E58), the FabEagle®TFM can also be applied to a variety of other industrial sectors, such as battery manufacture, and the solar and photovoltaic industry.

Manufacturing Visualisation
Alarm Statistics
Machine Data Acquisition / Operating Data Acquisition
Process Data Acquisition
Trends / Reporting
Online Process Visualisation
User Administration
Shift Planning
Maintenance Management
Long-term Archiving

You can use our FabEaglereplication for the replication of your production data. This enables you to perform the long-term archiving and big data analysis with short response times.

A fast and straightforward system integration can be realised with our FabLinksuite product, in addition to further standardised interfaces:


  • Support of the industry 4.0 interfaces OPC-UA, REST and MQTT
  • Interfaces to various control systems, e.g. from Siemens, Beckhoff, Wago, Allen-Bradley, Mitsubishi and OMRON via TCP / IP, RS232 or RS485
  • Communication via real-time buses, such as Profibus, Profinet, Modbus, CAN, LON or EtherCAT
  • Uses of message bussess such as MSMQ, TIBCO, ActiveMQ with XML-based communication
  • Industry-specific interfaces such as SECS/GEM, EUROMAP, MTConnect or PV2
  • Connection via middleware technologies such as CORBA or DCOM
  • Database interfaces, e.g. to MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and DBASE
  • File interfaces with manufacturer-specific structure
  • In the event that the digital interface is absent, collation of information such as the piece counter, machine state or energy consumption via additional decentralised periphery (e.g., Siemens ET200 or Beckhoff Bus Terminals).

Reveal where you can make potential cost savings and increase the effectiveness of your systems. Further information and technical details can be found in the FabEagle®TFM Factsheet. We are looking forward to consult with you to find a suitable solution for your production needs.


  • Increasing the comparability of the machines
  • Identifying areas of potential cost savings
  • Fast and straightforward configuration by the user in line with your manufacturing needs
  • Shortening of ramp-up and downtimes
  • Analyze process trends and respond to deviations
  • Fast integration through standardised interfaces

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