The Scalable Line Controller for Production Control and Traceability

FabEagle®LC (Line Controller) is our scalable control system for individual production lines. As a solution that delivers production control and traceability, it can handle any scenario from individual production machine to a fully interconnected production line. Comparable to an MES (Manufacturing Execution System), our line controller offers all the function modules needed for data acquisition, process control and visualization. The decisive advantages of the line controller are its scalability and short project run times. As a result, your production line can be fully automated and provide production data within just a few weeks.


Machine and equipment manufacturers are increasingly providing turnkey system solutions using modular and easily scalable software. The standardized interface integration in the line controller enables a quick and reliable connection to your machines and production lines.

FabEagle®LC – Your advantages at a glance

Process-focused line controller for minimal cycle times
Simplify your production processes by centrally managing recipes and intuitively controlling production orders directly on the line. Software-guided workflows ensure process stability on your production line and provide continuous quality assurance in a multiple variant production process.

Real-time data to minimize downtime
For us, creating transparency on the production line means giving users quick and clear access to process changes, alarms, and events. The digitalization of your production gives you transparency through a deeper understanding of the processes. Compare complex relations and identify bottlenecks early on – this will increase your team productivity and delivery reliability.

Reliable traceability of materials and products 
Tracking data is essential to optimizing processes. This data provides you with important insights into the influence of individual process steps on the value chain. It also provides you, and ultimately your customers, with continuous proof of the quality of the manufactured products. Our line controller gives your operators and process engineers an overview of the production process at any time so they can quickly react to any deviations if necessary.

Overview of function modules

Visualization and evaluation

Line visualization: line layout for quick access to machine status, alarms, and order progress                   


Reporting: visualization of stored process, material, and machine data for user-defined evaluations


Worker guidance: support and data acquisition at workplaces with manual steps for rework, testing, and assembly work


Alarm statistics: analysis of machine malfunctions according to frequency and duration to identify optimization potential


Online process visualization: Presentation of trends of selected process data in real time to identify process deviations


Management and control

Line control: transport control and monitoring of material logistics for efficient operation of all production line modules                                                                                                                    


Work plan management: configuration of the manufacturing process in work plans plus definition of recipes, bill of material, and relevant parameters


Shift plans: definition of shifts, shift models and target figures for evaluations and calculation of performance indicators


Order management: synchronization of production orders with ERP systems or direct administration in the line controller and assignment of a work plan to each order


Recipe management: central management and provision of process parameters and settings for machine controls


User management: definition of user groups and authorizations                                                                                                                          


Data acquisition and delivery

Material tracking: traceability from raw material to finished products across the entire production line down to lot size 1                                                                                                                                                          

Process data acquisition: retrieval and storage of process and material data relating to quality for every process step


Machine and operating data acquisition: automatic and manual logging of machine status, product defects and lots to calculate performance indicators


Archiving: memory-optimized storage of relevant product data and production statistics


Machine integration and support by Kontron AIS

We see interface integration as part of our service and solution portfolio, so we support you with the integration of complex data interfaces such as OPC UA, TCP/IP, REST, databases and S7 (PLC). Our support starts with the specification of the interfaces together with your machine and plant suppliers and extends to 24/7 software support once commissioning has been successfully completed. 

For a flexible and scalable level of integration, we use our FabEagle®Connect low-code integration solution, which supports all common interface protocols.

Industries and applications


Efficient production control with FabEagle®LC avoids bottlenecks and delays in the automotive manufacturing and ensures that all processes and components work together seamlessly.

Electronics assembly

The work processes in electronics assembly are characterized by short cycle times and many variants. With FabEagle®LC, you can control your lines and workflows in a process-driven manner to create transparency.

Pharmaceuticals and medical technology

In the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries, quality assurance and traceability in production are top priorities. Thanks to FabEagle®LC, you can ensure GMP-compliant production control  and administration.