FabEagle®Connect - Configurable interfaces for production and manufacturing

Configure interfaces instead of programming

With FabEagle®Connect you can implement configurable and reliable interfaces for your industry 4.0 and IoT applications.

The integration of equipment into the world of IT is becoming more and more important and requires reliable implementation. A suitable procedure for the corresponding implementation of interfaces is therefore essential. A solution that is best suited for this is the configuration of reusable components instead of individual programming.

The connection between OT (manufacturing) and IT (business) succeeds reliably and provides your data almost in real time. This provides the necessary overview for well-founded decisions.

The modular, configurable structure enables a multitude of applications.

Working configurations can be implemented after just a few minutes of training.

Reliable and easy to configure

A variety of proven components enable a quick start in FabEagle®Connect. After a few minutes of training the first configuration of an interface can be carried out successfully. Reliable operation of the interfaces is ensured using various diagnostic functions.

Scalable and expandable

Applications for the transmission of small amounts of data can be easily implemented, for example changing the status of a traffic light or interfaces with high data rates in the millisecond range.

Simple applications can later be expanded through configuration or – if necessary – divided into several, parallel configurations, for example to increase data throughput or ensure redundancy.

Future-proof and open

New interface standards for I4.0 and IoT applications in the smart factory are continuously developed and in FabEagle®Connect provided as components.

The detailed documentation enables the user e.g. to create additional components for special interfaces and data transformations in the C# programming language. These fit seamlessly in with the components included in the standard scope.

A variety of components and interfaces for manufacturing and IT are already supported. The requirements of our customers are continuously adding new building blocks in the areas of connectivity, data access and data processing.


  • The use of cloud interfaces for the transfer of data from production to big data applications via REST, MQTT or AMQP is becoming increasingly important.
  • Proven IT interfaces are the standard for connecting manufacturing to business processes. We rely on OPC-UA, SOAP, FTP and TCP / IP.
  • Proven automation interfaces for reliable data transmission for controls from Siemens, Beckhoff or Omron are part of the proven standard scope.

Data access 

  • Access to information via file interfaces e.g. for CSV, XML or JSON files is done via configurable components.
  • Common databases like Microsoft SQL, Oracle or PostgreSQL can be integrated with native or ODBC drivers.
  • Possibility to export data as a file in binary or text format.

Data processing

  • The aggregation of data is e.g. enabled via a configurable formula interpreter. This allows data from several sources to be offset against one another.
  • The conversion e.g. CSV data in JSON and vice versa can also be done with a configurable component.
  • It is possible to temporarily store data in high-performance buffers using Redis.

FabEagle®Connect could be your solution? We are looking forward to give you the advice you need. Our contacts are available for a 20-minute call or online meeting.


  • Make every I4.0 and IoT interface the standard of your machines
  • Offer your customers added value through new connectivity options
  • Easily meet your customers' interface requirements, e.g. OPC-UA, REST or MQTT


  • Connect your existing machines to IT systems to add value from the data collected.
  • Increase transparency across the entire factory through gradual integration, starting with the most important processes.
  • Expand the possibilities of your manufacturing IT by configuring your own interfaces.

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