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Remote service for your machines and equipment in the field

Our customers, the equipment and plant manufacturers, are facing a huge challenge right now in times of Corona. In discussions with service managers and managing directors, it became clear that three questions are currently in the foreground: 


  1. As a equipment and plant manufacturer, how can I ensure that my customers' production continues unrestrictedly?   
  2. How do I ensure that my service team continues to be busy and can provide the best possible service anytime, anywhere, despite current global travel restrictions?   
  3. How do I ensure that ongoing commissioning and installations are continued and completed in good time in order to prevent possible loss of revenue or project postponement?  

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to these questions. 

Our colleagues in the field of control technology, for example, have to contend with a lack of travel options for commissioning. However, the use of the possibilities of Remote Service offers us and the equipment and plant manufacturers solutions. With the addition of RemoteSupport to our IIoT service portal EquipmentCloud®, we have also integrated this important UseCase. The Bundle Remote Service consists of: 

  • RemoteAssistance: Video- and audio-based remote support for maintenance. Commissioning and training via smartphone & data glasses. Comfortable from any place on earth. 
  • RemoteSupport: Direct remote access to machines and equipment via a secure VPN connection. Support your customer quickly and fully in the event of a service. 

In conjunction with the other Apps of EquipmentCloud® we can now support services even more comprehensively. For example, by using the workflow app, service activities are documented and the status is displayed transparently. You can also sustainably document solutions that you develop with the RemoteAssistance and RemoteSupport applications in the EquipmentCloud®. This makes it easier for you to handle repeated questions internally, but also externally (after activating the area for the operators of the plants), as you can access the already documented solution scenarios.  

With the EquipmentCloud®, we have created the central platform for equipment and plant manufacturers for your machines and the associated service processes. With the now integrated RemoteSupport for remote maintenance, we have further expanded the functionality. 

Do you want to strengthen your service in turbulent times and support your customers despite all the adversity? We are now helping you! Arrange a free remote session now and get to know the remote solutions of EquipmentCloud®.