The Kontron AIS network

Cohesion in the first place

Kontron AG is a growing IoT technology group with more than 6,000 employees and subsidiaries in 32 countries around the world and parent company of the Kontron AIS GmbH.

Branch network for micro- and nanoelectronics, software, applications, smart systems and energy systems in Saxony as a business location. Here we are also engaged in partial initiatives such as Cool Silicon or the working group software.


The German ORACLE user group e.V. is a network serves, among other things, as an information and exchange platform for Oracle users.


As a founding member of the Automation Network Dresden (AND), AIS is in constant in contact with the member companies of this high-tech cluster (Xenon, Fabmatics and Systema). Together we organize the Innovationsforum for Automation in Dresden every year.


The "Materialforschungsverbund Dresden" offers a platform for the joint further development of materials science and materials technology.


The network of automotive suppliers in Saxony is a platform for a cross-company exchange of experience.


The "Innovationsverbund Maschinenbau Sachsen" is a technology and product-oriented platform for technology transfer, exchange of knowledge and cooperation.


Data security and cybersecurity are important for us. As a member of the Cybersecurity Alliance, we regularly continue to be up-to-date for you.


The EFDS is a non-profit association in the field of thin film technology headquartered in Dresden - at the heart of the semiconductor industry in Europe and in a core area of vacuum engineering plant construction.


International organisation of global industry in the production of micro- and nanoelectronics in the PV, LED and MEMS industries.


The umati (universal machine technology interface) community is an association of companies from the mechanical and equipment engineering industry, which together and across the board bring a common interface concept based on OPC UA to the market for the entire mechanical and plant engineering industry.


The OPC Foundation is an industry consortium that creates and maintains standards for open connectivity of industrial automation devices and systems.