Company history of Kontron AIS

History & Change


Founded as a company for automation and information systems in Dresden on July 10 with 8 employees specialising in the automation of vacuum technology systems based on real-time-based control systems.

Right from the start

all the business fields were driven by the endeavour for an in-house development platform, the current VACsuite.


In cooperation with the German space programme AIS teaches space robots how to walk, processes and visualises the data obtained by it, for instance to detect space debris.

Gradually the penetration of new business fields such as the railway / traffic engineering and the production automation sectors follows, also including host computers for assembly lines.

Upon the establishment of additional semiconductor factories in Dresden, solutions for factory-wide monitoring systems as well as MES systems for the solar industry are added.


First TÜV certification according to ISO:9001


First in-house company building in Dresden-Reick


Expansion of the head office by the addition of a second company building immediately opposite.


AIS has been a subsidiary of the Roth & Rau group since the start of 2008 and has thus attained an unlimited degree of flexibility for worldwide projects.


Since 2011 AIS also became a part of the Mayer Burger Group as a subsidiary of the Roth & Rau group (today Meyer Burger Germany) as a result of which a comprehensive service and support network is now available. AIS specialists are thus available in Germany, China, Taiwan and the USA and guarantee a comprehensive worldwide service and support with all other service organisations of the company group for the benefit of our customers.


25 year company anniversary


Since October 2019, AIS has been part of S&T AG, one of the leading technology groups with more than 4,800 employees and offices in more than 25 countries. The combination of the portfolio of S&T AG with the products and solutions of AIS Automation GmbH gives us unprecedented possibilities to broaden our footprint in the field of digitization, IIOT and Industry 4.0


With the acquisition of AIS Automation Dresden GmbH in November 2019, it is divided into the Kontron Technologies GmbH group of companies belonging to the S&T Group. In February 2020, the company was fully integrated into the brand family with the renaming of the AIS to Kontron AIS GmbH.


AIS also wants to continue growing in the future – in this way we continue to constantly develop to fully meet the new demands of industrial digitisation. You can find out more about our competencies here...